The Good Shepherd Centre for Women and Children is a part of The Good Shepherd Phuket. We provide holistic assistance for the Myanmar (Burmese) migrants, including education, skills training, legal services and help. The objective of the Good Shepherd Phuket is to restore the migrants' dignity according to the values of love, care and help of the Good Shepherd Congregation. ‚Äč
This project aims at working with those who are affected, or at risk of being trafficked. Over the years, the activities have spread and 3 programs are now open to target the different needs of the Burmese population.

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Burmese migrant children

by providing education according to the Burmese curriculum, in addition to Thai and English languages

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Women and children who have been exploited and abused

by creating a safe space for them to express themselves and receive counselling, education and legal help (rehabilitation and development programs)

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Burmese migrant women

by improving their situation and their life conditions


The Burmese low-skilled migrants represent the most vulnerable segment of the population living in Phuket, Thailand. Thai and Myanmar Good Shepherd Sisters have established their program, providing legal assistance and accessibility to affordable healthcare and education for the migrants and their families. Thanks to the Sisters' cross border connection, Phuket GSC is in the best position to respond to the needs of these people, with the support of funding agencies and benefactors.

Their families have left Myanmar to escape economic problems and unsafe living conditions. The majority came to Thailand because of its close proximity and job opportunities. In Phuket, there are more than 60,000 Burmese migrants currently living and working in very poor environments.

Why are they leaving Myanmar?

- Poverty
- Lack of job opportunities
- Unsafe political situation


Burmese Migrants in Phuket

Why did they choose Thailand?

- Close proximity
- Economic health
- Many job opportunities


of migrant worker in Phuket


- Living
- Working
- Unstable job
- human rights
- poor conditions


Average earnings in Phuket


The program is run by Sister Lakana, assisted by a team of 16 people: 14 women and 2 men

The staff is hired under the Thai labour law with salary ranges for social work in Thailand (including year-end bonus). The GS Centre tries to provide employment opportunities at a local level;